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Corporate Launch Events | Event Management in Chennai

DLK Event Management Chennai has over a decade of experience in organizing successful corporate events. We offer services including Corporate launch events, Brand Activations, Exhibition & Stalls, Entertainments and much more. As one of the top corporate event management companies in Chennai, we provide comprehensive services such as Event Planning, Organizing and Execution; Corporate Event Management; Branding and Promotion; CSR Activities; Conference Organization and Seminar Planning. At DLK Events & Entertainments, we pride ourselves on being experts in all aspects of event planning and execution.

We understand the importance of corporate events and the need to make a lasting impression. We will work with you to create an event that is unique and memorable. We offer a variety of services including event planning, venue selection, catering, décor, entertainment, and more. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your event is a success. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you plan a successful corporate event.

Corporate Events Categories

Meeting & Conferences
- Meetings
- Conferences
- Seminars
- Summits

Exhibitions & Stalls
- Industrial expo
- Video Equipments
- Trade Fairs
- Stall Fabrication Audio

Entertainment Events
- Cultural Parade
- Electricity Show
- Visual development
- Glow Show
- Human Fountains
- Special effects
Corporate Launch Events
- Product Launch
- Launch Road shows
- Product Display
- Grand Factory opening

Brand Activation
- Wet & Dry Sampling
- Promotional activity
- Float activation
- Venue Sourcing

- Training Manuals
- Presentation Posters
- Brouchers
- Info Cards
- Flyers

Incredible Experience, Exceptional Results

At DLK Events, we specialize in providing such remarkable events, as the success of every event is determined by the quality of the experience both the organizers and attendees perceive. We are one of the best event management companies in Chennai. We provide comprehensible event planning and management solutions tailored to your needs.

Regardless of the type or scale of the event, DLK Events excels in planning and organizing with precision. As the leading management company in Chennai, we take pride in having over 100 satisfied clients across India. Our passion for events and relationships led us to establish an event management company that brings a fresh perspective to the industry through our skilled organizers in Chennai and Bangalore.

Corporate Events.

In addition to handling local, regional, and international events of all sizes for many corporate clients and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), we are one of the best event management companies in Chennai. With some specific care and attention, you should introduce, promote, and share your brand’s authority and credibility with your targeted clients and customers.

We handle everything from conceptualization to completion for your corporate event in Chennai or across the nation. Providing your company and guests with an unforgettable experience is our specialty as corporate event organizers in Chennai, DLK Events.

Social Events.

Taking care of your social event is our specialty! Grab your chance to experience the real essence of events and functions with our top event management company in chennai. Let us take care of all your event management needs, and take off the burden of organizing.

Our experts deliver perfection whether it is an engagement party or a wedding, a birthday party or a get-together, a college reunion or a family reunion. In addition to providing full production, management, content creation, and technical support, DLK Events, one of the best event organisers in Chennai, offers virtual stories, hospitality, and engagement.

Virtual Events.

Your best event planner in Chennai, DLK Events, offers virtual/hybrid events that are completely different from traditional physical events. Don’t get daunted by focal distance.
With our virtual event management services in Chennai, you can share the same sense through hassle-free and well-established virtual events. We manage your virtual events in Chennai by developing ideas, planning, organizing, executing, and coordinating them at an affordable price.

Brand Activation

It is important for businesses to establish a brand that offers authentic and high quality services/products to succeed financially in the marketplace. However, creating an impression among your brand’s audience is more important. So, let’s figure out how to accomplish it. Give your brand launch the attention it deserves with an unveiling that makes positive waves on the market with our best event planners in Chennai.
Whether a product promotion becomes the next sensation that people can’t get enough of depends on its success. DLK Events, recognized as the top event planners in Chennai, can guarantee an impressive launch instead of a lackluster one. Our expert corporate event organizers know how to craft a memorable and engaging experience tailored to your audience’s preferences. We offer comprehensive brand launch event management services such as stall installation, decoration, brand messaging, promotions and other essential requirements to fulfill your needs.


In Chennai, our event management company creates, communicates, and conceives on your behalf! We provide a one-stop solution to all your event management needs across the nation. One of the best event planners in Chennai, DLK Events, extends our event management service for exhibitions. We take care of all the pressure, ensuring that you never lose track of your business.

We get to know your business inside and out and manage every aspect of producing an exceptional event for you. With rigorous planning and efficient communication, our Chennai event planners will deliver an exceptional guest experience. We use a variety of tools, processes, and an expert team that work together as a single unit. Planning frameworks, guidelines, and procedures that are carefully crafted.

Sports & CSR Events.

Make every move sportier with our best event planners in Chennai. We provide skilled “on-field” sports management in Chennai, and we have developed strong connections with professional clubs throughout the country. Our network of connections with some of the world’s most recognizable businesses is also broad and effective.

In addition to handling major international sporting events, we also handle corporate-specific sporting events. Safe and environmentally-friendly sports event management services are offered at a reasonable price in chennai.